Fire Engineering can be defined as, "The application of scientific and engineering principles, rules and expert judgments, based on understanding of the phenomenon and effects of fire, its reactions and behavior of people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire."
This nature and characteristics of fire and the mechanics about how fire spreads is most understood by fire engineers. They are the experts with varieties who can tackle fire & reduce the losses caused by hazards.
By virtue of its growing role in saving life and property on a large scale, Fire Engineering is faster going profession becoming one of the world's noble professions. Industrial statistics has put the upcoming Indian requirements of over one lakh personnel of Fire and safety per year. Moreover, unlimited opportunities come from abroad, especially from the Gulf countries.
Practical and Attachment Training:
To expose fire engineering and safety management students to new technologies and practical aspects associated with it, VCFESM has good practical training programs in its curriculum. Apart from curriculum practical, various technical visits at high risk places like Airport, various Ship Yards, Five Star-Hotels, Various Industries etc are arranged.
Various Drills and Practical Training Contents:
Fire squad Drill, Parade & P.T.
Fire Extinguishers Operation Maintenance and Construction.
Fire Hose pipe drill (Dry & Wet).
Hydrant drill (Dry & Wet.)
Pump & Pump Operation Drill.
Fire tender drill (Dry, Wet & Mounting)
Ladder drill (Climbing & crew with hose pipe line position)
Fire casualty rescue operation drill.
Fire salvages parade.
First aid as medical bandage practical.
Ambulance parade (Casualty stretcher loading & unloading)
Conduction of practical seminars on Worker's Health
Safety & Environment.
Wearing and operational procedure of Entire Range of PPE
Fixed Fire Fighting Installation practical
Live fire demonstration (Solid, Liquid, L.P.G. Gases & Metal Fire Fighting) etc.
Students are exposed to:
Smoke Heat & Fire Alarm Systems.
A fire equipments & Appliances.
Care and Maintenance of Fire Extinguisher.
Testing & Installation of Fire Protection system.