Job Opportunities for Fire Engineers:
Fire in one of the simplest form of energy known to man, ever since stone age, when man learn to use it, it has been used for a variety of purpose. In the early days it was used to safeguard one form cold, as a source of light and as a medium of cooking food, Today, we see fire being used for a number of purposes, However, fire, like many other boons, is hazardous. This necessitates due care in its use, available lives are lost every year due inadvertent fires. Similarly, property worth crores of rupees is destroyed by uncontrolled fire incidents. A number of industrial units suffer huge losses due to fire. Hence, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of fire and methods of prevention of losses form it, for the safe working any industry.
Aerospace, Mitary, Medical, Scientifically advance project and High Tech industries have relied on the systems safety specialist to develop concepts designs and product that have a high reliability and low level of risk. Such specialist ensure that the safety on concepts and mechanisms work every time, without harm to users, operators or the equipments itself.
Industries worldwide are trying to either eliminate the replace of materials that can harm the public of damage the environment, or recover and recycle excess materials for environmental conservation. An environmental safety officer can help in regulating these processes. The officer should have extensive knowledge of environmental standards, laws and regulations.

Job Opportunities for Environmental Engineers:
Environmental Engineering is a challenging profession. With growing environmental concerns, the field has blossomed. Personnel in this area is largely employed by the Private industry. The next largest category is consulting. Today you can find the largest percentage of lucrative jobs in this field.

"This is a rather broad discipline with a lot of different educational backgrounds." Although the nomenclature may be ambiguous to the layperson, industrial hygienists assist companies in preventing potentially ruinous hazards for workers, customers, or community neighbors.

Job Opportunities for Safety Engineers:
If you wish to develop a safer & a healthier environment, then choose for a career in safety engineering and management. The importance of safety engineering has increased greatly in recent years. The demand for engineers in the industrial safety engineering continues to expand. After passing, student would be able to get professional positions of safety management. Mechanical, electrical, chemical engineering staff in production and other industries will also be able to get it in public institution. Hazards in workplace or any other place can be classified in different categories, for instance, mechanical energy hazards, Electrical Energy Hazards, Chemical Energy Hazards, Kinetic impact) Energy Hazards, Potential (stored) Energy Hazards, Thermal Energy Hazards, Acoustic Energy Hazards, Radiant Energy Hazards, Atmospheric/Geological/Oceanographic Energy Hazards, Biological Hazards etc. Thus there is an opportunity for trained person to work in any industry where there is a possibility of any of the hazards happening. Many safety professionals work in manufacturing and production operations to help ensure that working conditions and work methods are safe for employees. Under the Indian Factories Act there is a requirement that factories employing 1,000 or more workers or those factories that are engaged in hazardous process must employ the prescribed number of safety officers. While this is a statutory requirement, most of the industries employ at least one full-time safety professional.

Job Opportunities for fire Engineers:

The fire engineers combine their engineering & management skills to perform a broad range of jobs. Ample good paying job opportunities are available.

Fire protection engineering provides a healthy, existing & rewarding career opportunity. This engineers also perform fire safety evaluations of building & industrial complexes to determine not only the risk of fire & explosion, but how best to prevent them. Some fire protection engineers perform research on the behavior & control of fire. They work in the nerve centers of organization.
The number of vacancies existed at the officer-level; in fire services & this was a job which not only provided bread & butter to the person concerned, but great satisfaction as one was involved in saving lives as well.

Scope of Course :
Many job opportunities are available in just above every type of industries like as Airports, Airlines, Oil Refineries, Railways, Merchant Navy, Chemical & Mechanical Industry, Fire Star Hotel, Oil & Gas Plant, Tourism, steel Plant, Power & Irrigation Sector, Ocean, Space, Municipal Corporation, Govt. & Private Sectors etc.
Students investing their time in this emerging industry are crating a great career opportunity for them selves, in addition to getting a head start over job seekers in other fields.
Fire Engineers and job openings in the Government Fire Service, Architectural and Building Design, Insurance Assessment, Project Management, Aircraft Industry, refiner Industrial Processing and in any where the possibility of fire or combition represents a hazard with increasing urbanization, the use of electrical appliances, officer automation etc.
The increasing number of fire disasters in refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Industries other strategic places in causing tragic loss of precious lives and large scale destruction of property. This confirms the necessity for Fire Fighting Engineers.

Job Function
Fire Engineering :
Fire Technician
Leading Fireman
Sub officer
Station officer
Divisional Fire officer
Dy. Chief Fire Officer
Chief Fire Officer

Safety Engineering :
Safety Steward
Safety supervisor
Safety Executive
Safety Assistant
Safety Dept.(Incharge)
Safety Officer
Safety Manager