"If literacy is culturally learned and practiced, what is important is what counts as literacy to different groups and individuals within the society”


Development of high academic standards and quality of education for its programs so as to remove limitations beyond traditional classroom situations.
To create through effective education, training and research, a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines.
Provide assistance in development of new methods and process of fire engineering services, skills and analytical techniques.
Develop managerial/leadership abilities and analytical skills, training, communication with the community and interaction with government and statutory authorities.
Promote candidate for placements in various industries/organizations.
Create awareness about Fire & precautions to be taken to avoid mishaps due to Fire.
Make the Mankind experts in using machines and allied equipments more effectively during fire, excessive environmental pollution and hazards associated with them.
To minimize loses of life and property due to Fire by producing skilled professionals who can stand by firmly during calamities.
To Carve out trained professionals to fulfill the necessity of a full fledged Safety and Environment control Department, as this is now felt by emerging competitive environment industries and various businesses.


Modern life is dependent on things provided by Industry. The curriculum in the Management Cadre is Safety, Health and Environment at the level of Safety Professionals as required under the Environment Protection Act, Enlisting Legislation and other Acts in various capacities like Consultant, Expert Safety Auditor under the Statutes of the Government of India.

The objectives of courses are;
Provide trained Human Resource.
Provide leadership qualities.
Create awareness about “The Quality of Life Protection” through Safety, Health and Environment.
To create awareness among the people about industrial & operational hazards.
Provide assistance for development of new methods & process of Safety, Health and Environment skills and analytical techniques.
To develop managerial abilities and analytical skills, training and communication with the community and interaction with government and statutory authorities.
To make people trained in concerned fields.
Attempts have been made in this document to address to the expectations of the user system from the Safety Professionals. If implementation is in right earnest, it would pay much better dividends, it is hoped.