Management Rights 

For any matter not governed by the rules and regulations given in this prospectus, new rules will be laid down as and when necessary and the same will be intimated to the students who are liable to abide by them. The management reserves the right to revise the syllabus, timing of a course or its duration if found necessary.

Absent and Leaves

A student should have secured min 80% attendence in all classes to become eligible for appearing examination.


Three days continous absents are pardonable but after that a fine will be realized for per day absence. If student remain absent from College for a prolonged period without any reasonable intimation his names is likely to be struck of with out any valid reason to this effect.

Monthly Progress Report

College will send monthly progress report to the parents highlighting the achievements and drawback of their ward. Attendances and test results will also be reflected in the report.

Hostel Accommodation

Catering to the needs of outstation students of our College has offered Hostel accommodations with equally efficient mess facility. Separate hostels have been provided for Boys and Girls. Each student is given a cot, Chair, Table, Mattress, Pillow & Cupboard. If the student does not want to get accommodation in our hostel then he/she can choose the same as per his/her own wish anywhere in the city but our staff may intermittently check them.

Rules and Regulations

The Duration of courses taken into account varies with capabilities, efficiency, hard work and devotion of the students towards the course. From management's previous experience it is our sincere advice to the students and parents that they must take admission only after ensuring the zeal of the student to work hard and sincerity so they must ultimately result in shear wastage of time and money with it is found that irregularity of the students for attending classes gives poor results. Only a regular sincere student can give good and satisfactory results.

All the seats in each institute in each stream are same. We give only coaching/ training for these courses. The institution cannot award any Degree Diploma and certification thus certificate awarding body of courses his relevant governing body/institutions only.

As per our previous experience it has been found that nearly 15 -20% students leave the institute in every semester because of change of climate, medium, home sickness, toughness of courses etc. this is very sincere advice from the management to every applicant and parent that they must admit their ward only when they can overcome above mentioned difficulties as well as they must be satisfied with facilities provided by the institute because there is no provision for any refund.