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Education in Making India a Knowledge Society:
The growing need for efficient use of the earth's resources of land, air, water and raw materials as well as for efficient design, analysis and maintenance of civil structures requires a better insight in the spatial and temporal patterns of resources and activities. As such the present day society needs civil engineering education capable of providing such an insight. Added to this need, it can be noted that during the last ten years or so, after the technological revolution of the 80's, civil engineering education has apparently started having its share of "identity crisis" but also faces unique challenges
Civil Engineering deals with engineered constructions, their planning, design, construction and management. The profession comprises of many disciplines like Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Surveying. Recognizing the rapid, extensive and emerging developments in Civil Engineering, the degree program includes Computer Aided Analysis and Design and Remote Sensing besides an integrated and systematic foundation in Physical and Engineering Sciences like solid, fluid and soil mechanics, Materials, Graphics and Surveying. The sequential provision of subjects develops the engineering methodology and practice as applied to planning, design and construction of buildings, bridges, hydraulic structures, environmental systems, transportation systems and others. CIVIL ENGINEERS ARE THE ENGINES OF PEACE AND PROGRESS. Civil engineering is a people-serving profession. Civil engineers design our roads and buildings, ensure that our water and air is clean, and plan our new towns and recreation areas. As the world's population grows and environmental concerns continue to rise, the demand for civil and environmental engineers will become greater than ever.

Significant Features for Necessary Information:
Civil Engineering is the oldest of the Engineering profession. Today the Profession offers opportunities for involvement in a wide variety of its sub-disciplines. The profession touches almost every aspect of our lives and gives ample opportunity to make signification contribution for the betterment of the society. Infra structural make significant contribution for the betterment of the society. Infrastructural development has become synonymous with the progress of any country.
Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of Civil Engineering/Arhitectural Engineering as an ideal profession the Institution of Civil Engineers (India) came into being to imbibe the characteristics which are fundamental to the success pursuit of an Engineering/Architectural career. The Institution aims to train and educate budding Engineers and Architects of high caliber who are sound in theory and practice.
The Professionals engaged in Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering activities and associated with organization/institutions/industries involved in promoting the two professions have a great opportunity to fulfill their aspirations to improve their qualifications vis-a-vis their status in their respective profession/society. This would be a significant personal achievement and a benchmark to their professional standing.

Significant Features for Necessary Information:
Civil engineers build the world, literally speaking. They are responsible for analysis, design, construction, upgrading and maintenance of all forms of infrastructure for better quality of life and sustainable economy. The scope of civil engineering is multi-faceted and versatile, including house apartments, roads, bridges, factories etc.
No. As a matter of fact, many civil engineers spend most of their time in air-conditioned office doing analysis and design. In some cases involving infrastructure planning and management, civil engineers may even stay indoor all the time, like other office workers. Of course, there will be some civil engineers at the site, but this is usually compensated by higher salary.
Civil engineering is not just about the construction industry. Which has been booming and has become a sector of strong growth in India in last few years and in the future? For a country to continue its growth there will always be demand for infrastructure development and re-development. The infrastructure required for a population has to be provided by CE. Several other infrastructure projects include Integrated Resorts, new subways and rejuvenated Orchard Road area. Opportunities are also bountiful in overseas infrastructure projects as our neighboring countries including China, Singapore & Dubai are booming